Tuesday, April 17, 2007

There's not much excitement in my little corner of the world lately. I've been plugging away at Nick's Knucks and while the right one is hideous and destined for the frog pond (stupid intarsia and lack of creator patience) the left one is, thus far, looking like something I'd actually give to someone.

In the midst of all of the blandness I've been struck by a glittering ray of temptation; Mim's Boudica socks. I have been plotting thinking about getting the kit for these with the River colourway from Wooly Wonka for my mother in law, and a skein of either Sea Wool or Merino from Fleece Artist in Amber for me. I have a pair of celtic inspired amber earrings that would look gorgeous with 'em. Is it sad that I'm accessorizing my accessories?

Friday, April 06, 2007

Look! Horse Poo!

But, through the miracle of JellyBelly jelly beans, they become adorable little nests. The recipe I used can be found here. I recommend cooking the chocolate mixture for a minute and a half to two minutes in order to get a firmer drier texture. If you try the nest variation, I recommend having a helper. As you drop the oat/chocolate mix on your lined trays, they'll follow along and either jam the "eggs" in place, or make dents in the mounds.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

This was my very first finished object. It's one of Wendy Johnson's Kitty Pi pet beds. I hunted all over Tampa for chunky wool and finally ended up settling for Noro Kureyon held together with Cascade. I don't remember what the novelty yarn was but I loved it passionately. I struggled with the cast on, knitting in the round (remember this was my first foray into knitting) holding two and three strands of yarn together, decreasing and all sorts of other things I'd never tried before.

I finally completed the Pi and carefully felted it. I then spent the next several days chasing the cats around and sitting them in it, rubbing catnip in it and generally doing everything I could to encourage them to love it. It took a while but they did eventually deign to use it, in spite of the natural tendency of a cat to shun all things that may be for him or her. They learned to love it and it became part of their games and occasionally they would accidentally kick it off of their little hangout as they wrestled together.

This morning I awoke to find this:
I resisted the urge to weep, although it was a close thing. I resisted the urge to kill the dogs (who were responsible for the destruction), although it was an even closer thing. I did call Mathboy and tell him that I hate his dogs and that they are hell spawn (this is the second thing that they've killed in the course of three days. Sunday we came home to a sea of fiberfill from one of their beds. Zipper pulled apart, liner in shreds, pillow itself partially shredded . . . )

Anyways. Since sitting around plotting the demise of my DH's beloved pets isn't productive, I'm now taking suggestions for what I can do to repair/rehabilitate the poor Pi.

Oh, by the way. Anyone want some dogs? They're really cute . . . when not shredding things. I'll even throw in the Sponge Bob blanket for free.