Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Now if only I knew what to do with it. . .

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Evidently wonders will never cease. Last night on our way home from the home of some friends Mathboy said "If they're open, next week when we're up here, let's check out Mystic Fibers"

SKREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! What?? Wait! Who are you and where is my husband?

It turns out that my theory has been right all along. Mathboy has been reluctant to agree to any sort of major investment in the knitting thing and it's because Mother of Mathboy is an enthusiastic crafter. In her crafting life, she's done ceramics, plastic canvas, bunka, quilting, cross stitch, stained glass work, knitting, crochet and a host of other things. She's been very enthusiastic about each activity and, as a result, has a home that somewhat resembles a small, very well stocked, Michaels. Mathboy was afraid that I would show the same enthusiasm for knitting as his mother had for each of her hobbies but then, like his mother after gathering every tool ever thought of, move on to the next shiny thing. Evidently though, in the two and a half to three years that I've been knitting, I've proven my devotion, particularly through some trying times in the last month or two that really made me rethink this passion of mine, and he's realised that I am a Knitter and it's not going away any time soon. Woot! Onward and upward.

P.S. If you haven't already, go HERE and sign up for some squares. There's a little boy out there who could really use our thoughts, prayers, and some wooly love.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Somebody Loves Me

ETA: Go read Miss Scarlett's post here and if you can spare some yarn, kick in a square or two won't you?

Valentine's day yesterday was nice in spite of Mathboy being at school until fairly late. He received his traditional pear jelly beans, peanut butter cup and assortment of cards secreted in various locations, and I found this little guy waiting outside for me when I stepped out to get the mail.

In other mail related news, I purchased some Rowan Soft Baby from Christine of Three Dog Knits (she's still got some destashing to do and her prices are really really reasonable. Go Here) and it came on Wednesday. The yarn is a (sadly) discontinued single ply wool/cotton blend and it's softer than teddy bear fur. I can't wait to make a Baby Surprise Jacket from it (I think that's what it wants to be) and since the stuff is handwash only (good thinking there Rowan) I guess I'll be forced to put it in my own hope chest* rather than inflicting the handwash only madness on some poor unsuspecting new mom.

*it's a hope chest because we're not actually trying yet. Just sayin'

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Is it a full moon?

People these days are lunatics. Lunatics I tell ya.

When did everything that happens in one's orbit become all about them? What am I talking about? Here are some examples:
a) A certain blogger who shall remain nameless says (and not for the first time) that she doesn't wish her readers to go nuts with their concerns about her health and start firing uninvited medical advice and one of her readers becomes very affronted and states that it's not all about the blogger . . . well, um, it's her blog isn't it? If it's not about her, who pray tell, IS it all about? It's certainly not all about the blog readers.

b) I made a comment in my last entry about the Austermann Step that I'd just received. It turns out that the person who so passionately disliked Step still reads my blog (this honestly astounds me since evidently the very thought of me drives her to tears) and took great offense to my offhand quote and decision to think for myself with my yarn selection. Evidently it was a grave insult. Since when does my opinion about yarn of all things amount to derision? Furthermore, what's wrong with this woman that she thought I was making a personal attack? I used the quotation because it's stuck with me since the first time I heard it. It struck me as oddly naughty sounding (try googling hairy splitty slimy and see what comes up) and still makes me giggle. Other than recalling that I didn't think about her at all and my opinion one way or another had absolutely nothing to do with her.

I guess my final thought on all of this is just that some people need to get over themselves or seek therapy or something. It's not all about you . . . unless it's your blog *grin*

The puppies know that it's actually all about food.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Postman Cometh

What came in the mail this week:

Monday brought Austermann Step in mint (#30) from the Loopy Ewe . I've heard this yarn derided as "hairy, splitty, and slimy" but I'm looking forward to trying it. In particular the aloe and jojoba infused fiber should be paradise for my poor dry fingers and toes.

As always, Sheri included a little treat with my purchase and this time around it was a teeny tiny little "Loopy's Red Sock Kit" (that washed out card in the background is the pattern)

Wednesday brought a treat from the bonus rewards on our evil plastic money. I've wanted a foot spa for ages and it's nice to finally have one that massages and stuff . . . instead of just a plastic bucket that I put hot water in *grin* In addition to the toy for me, Mathboy get a bench sized drill press, and we both got a shower clock/radio/ mirror gadget.

Today, from Susie at Perchance to Knit... (second link is her Etsy shop) a skein of her stunning handpainted 20/80 cashmere merino in Waikiki Sunrise won in her recent Funny Farm contest. It's gorgeous, as is the little matching Swarovski crystal stitch marker.

Lastly, also in todays mail, a power cable for my laptop. Badly needed because not only had *someone* decided to taste the cable but the plug itself was frayed and worn. Nice to have the laptop working properly again.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I think we have a Wiener . . .

Or an established yarn identity anyways.

Meet SeaWool:

and Basic Merino Sock:
Thanks Christine and Ravelry !

Monday, February 04, 2008

Oh, Crud.

Remember these pictures?

Notice how there are no tags or ball bands on these skeins of yarn? I had them, I just pulled them off in the interests of showing the yarn to it's best advantage. Now though I find I have a problem. The pictures are titled as "Merino~brown and gold" and "Sea Wool~pink and brown". In my stash though, the former is wearing the Sea Wool label and the latter is dressed as Basic Merino. I guess it's not a huge deal, since both sets of socks (once made) will be mine but it bothers me SO MUCH to not know which is which.
Any ideas on how to get 'em properly sorted out?