Friday, October 12, 2007

Cat for Sale.

Really. He's adorable and all (if you can get past the "I'm so happy that I'm gonna drool on ya" thing) but I'm sooooo done with his habit of chewing wires. Some of the things he's noshed on include a telephone wire, the power cord for my laptop, and, most recently, the cable for the digital camera. I've got lots of pics to show and no way to show them.

So. Picture Behold Mathboy modelling my completed LionBrand MicroFiber Clapotis in "Lilac" (cornflower blue from the same people that call tangerine "Mango")
Picture Behold a very small LionBrand MicroFiber drop stitch cap in that same shade.

Picture the beginnings of (at long last) my Strikke-along project . . . Elann's Pinwheel Sweater in . . . guess what fibre and colour of said fibre? This has got to stop because if I keep showing up at knitting with that yarn I'm certain that Eileen's going to try to stage an intervention.

(ETA: Ummmm, so I'm a bad strikke-alonger/blogger. Didn't take any pictures of the early stages of the Pinwheel. Not going to take any current pictures right now either.)

The pinwheel is coming along nicely but somehow I lost the plot around . . . I dunno, maybe row 7 or 9 and at least one of the intervals between increases is too short. Or maybe the others are too long. *shrug* Maybe I'll frog it one more time on the weekend if I just can't stand it. Or not. Isn't knitting fun?!

Sunday, October 07, 2007


Happy Second Anniversary Bill, I love you.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Oh good lord!

K, still no final plans on that strikke-along that started today . . . but! Kelly, Eileen, and Sandy . . . I know ya'll looked up qiviut right? Right??
Well, for those of you who are all lost and stuff now, here's the story. There's a pattern in my pattern-a-day calendar called Matilda's Hat and Scarf. Matilda is a teddy bear and the hat and scarf are made of qiviut! I was totally and completely outraged at this. Last night at knitting, I declared, in my disgust, that if I had a skein of qiviut I would not waste it on any frakking teddy bear. Nope. My qiviut would be a much loved pet who would live in my bra during the day and sleep on my pillow at night. There was much hilarity at this (in part because my cohorts were not familiar with that near-mystical substance) but I think I may have gotten the last laugh thanks to this cartoon of Franklin's (scroll down for the 'toon)


It's October already and the Strikke-along started today. What's my problem you ask? Well, I still haven't decided on a pattern. I'm thinking some sort of stranded colour/fair isleish, black and red or black and white, felted, water bottle tote. Bah.
I'm off to tote the kiddies around, maybe I'll have a solid plan when I get home.