Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Arrr, Booty!

Me mates from the Mystic Twisted Fibre and me went to seek the legendary treasure of Fiber Arts in Odessa and came away with some magnificent plunder. Bloody Rocks Sandy liberated some sock yarn as did meself (I be Robyn the Crazin' Canajian)

Mate Kelly the Silent Speaker was but a guide and enabler on our maiden voyage to Odessa.

Upon me ARRival back at the good ship Zephyr me first mate, Bald Bill Red Eye, presented me with a parcel from the end of the world. It were my winnings from Crazed Kristy the Generous

One of the ships rats got into it while I were makin' pictures . . . a sure stamp of approval.
(note: there are NO pictures of this stuff without a black and white cat lovin' everything.)
In the parcel there be three skeins of Berroco SoftTwist, three bARRs of handmade soap, note cards, stickies, foot soak tablets, and a must have for all pirates . . . pretty earrings.
I be leavin' ya now with pictures of other booty from a contest prize on the Silent Speaker's blog (beaker yarn), and treasures won from our voyage to the Commonwealth o' Virginia (Fleece Artist) and a final picture of me treasure chest.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Sign of the Season

Current scorching temperatures notwithstanding, fall is clearly coming to my neck of the woods. I saw my first true snowbird the other day.
When I lived in Ontario, I always watched for the first robin of spring. Now that I live in a place where we see the robins in the winter, I watch for fall's first snowbird.
Snowbirds can be confusing. In spite of their ordinarily migratory nature you'll often see see the Damyanky Arveeus year-round. They are an American snowbird that migrate for two or three years but eventually find that they enjoy the wide variety of citrus fruits and golf courses and establish permanent nests. Often these nests are in preserves and they quite naturally will flock with other members of their species. It is virtually impossible to spot them once they shed the tags assigned them by the home state.
On the other hand, the Canadian variety (Canuckiseh Arveeus) is easy to pick out. Even on the coldest mornings (by Florida standards) they can be seen in their light weight summer plumage. Usually spotted travelling in pairs they prefer large vehicles (either minivans or Buick's) and are easy to distinguish from other Canadians with similar plumage by their slow rate of travel. Other than their high tolerance for cooler temperatures and differing origins C. Arveeus is virtually impossible to distinguish from the more common D. Arveeus.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Bits and Pieces

I've been messing around with picking instead of my usual throwing style of knitting. Holy cow! Once you get going it's lovely. Until you realize that you're going to have to knit through the back loops after you complete a purl row. Yes, I know what I did wrong and with some care, I'll get it right eventually.

Hallowe'en is coming, and with it, a Tampa Chix with Stix party at my place. It's a costume party and I can't quite choose between "hill billy beauty queen" and "little girl playing dress-up" Both will involve very badly applied makeup in hideously unflattering colours and pigtails (or maybe a side pony for the dress-up costume) and one will involve a set of those oh-so-attractive BillyBob teeth. Or blacked out teeth. Hmmmmmm decisions, decisions. It's entirely possible that I'll even post a picture or two of the end results.