Monday, May 19, 2008

The Problem With Monogamy

. . . is that I get so focused on one thing that I ignore everything else. And no, it's not the spinning vortex. I'm feeling a little intimidated so I haven't really gotten past the "okay, lets get the wheel going consistently in a single direction" stage. In the period of time since I blogged last I've completed a Mimosa shawl (Designed by Sivia Harding (more Sivia here) for Big Girl Knits)
It was a gift for my mom and I had the marvelous Chris of Scotts Mountain Crafts design a matching set of earrings and shawl pin to go with it.
I've also finished a pair of Blue King Cabled Mitts (which I insist on typing mitss for every time)
Last but not least I knitted a doggy doorbell for Bairu. Instead of asking to go outside he just sits next to the back door where we can't see or hear him. He's in the habit of nudging the doorknob with his muzzle (we keep the doors locked or he might just be able to go outside . . . he can open round door knobs) so we hoped that if we hung some bells for him he'd learn to ring them. He's mostly connected the dots so I'm calling it a qualified success.

Ome's okay with the dogs going out. . . she just doesn't understand why we insist on letting them back in.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful Shawl - and thanks for the nice compliment - I'm glad she likes it!