Sunday, June 08, 2008

Spinning my Wheels

Still not spinning my wheel though. My latest excuse alternates between "gee, I should really have another bobbin or two so I won't have to worry about stopping once I fill this bobbin" (note the optimism that I seem to be feeling about reeling off a whole bobbin when I've barely ever touched a wheel or drop spindle) and "gee, I shouldn't really start anything on the wheel before I've properly refinished it". We'll see what happens this week when I'm all by myself with it for eight hours a day.

The Champagne Mimosa is . . . well I'm still only on the fifth row. I've made it to the eighth row a few times but I keep needing to rip it back a row or four. It's all good though. She'll be beautiful when we're done with each other. I think.

The front garden bed is moving right along. We (read *Mathboy*) are nearly finished digging it and the mulch and ground cloth are waiting patiently to be put into place. Even better, it seems like maybe the rain is here for the summer so we'll be back to a nice evenly green lawn again. w00t!

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