Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Saturday was World Wide Knit In Public Day and the nearest one to home was at Citrus Park mall. When I arrived it was nice to see a mix of both old and new faces. The organizers had a little raffle and among other prizes there was a skein of Noro sock yarn that I would have loved to get a better look at. I hope Susan brings it to the UnMeetUp on Wednesday!

A little guide to navigating the faces at our knit out:
Thanh, Sharon (better known as Madame DeFarge), Kathy, Kim, Susan, TobeyL, Linda (thanks for those two names Kathleen), Sandy, Kelly, Lori, Me, and Kathleen.
Kathy was crocheting a mystery shawl with some Paton's Lacette that was just so pretty I'm feeling inspired to use it to make this for my mum for Christmas. In addition to the creative stimulation floating around there was, of course, fibre. Kathleen brought me a bag of black Shetland (I think) roving to play with. Surprisingly enough I even tried! Today I took the wheel down from its perch between the television and fish tank (fish tank is currently empty and dry) and took a legitimate crack at making yarn. No pictures because there is no yarn but I did manage to conclude that my drive band was a little messed up. A length or two of tobacco string and some Ravelry surfing later I had my double driven wheel spinning in the right directions but it's still not quite right. We'll mess with it tomorrow and hopefully get it going nicely.


Anonymous said...

TobeyL (http://dustbunnys.wordpress.com)
is next to Susan and Linda is next to Sandy.

I'm not sure I'll be at B&N tomorrow night-MIL's plane hasn't yet left London, so all plans are knocked apart. If I do make it, I'll bring my wheel.

And just what is that face?! Sheesh.

Knit & Purl Mama said...

Looks like you had a great WWKIP day!